Saturday, March 23, 2013

Still Learning to Slow Down

A good friend texted me late last night to ask if I could run with her today. "Sure!" I replied.  

We made plans about where and when to meet and finalized it all.  Twenty minutes later I thought, What are you thinking?!!!  You've been sick all week!  Still sick!  Are you REALLY going to go run 8 miles tomorrow???!!!

Hesitantly I texted back..."Sorry.  Didn't think.  Been sick. Better pass this weekend."


Needless to say, I was disappointed!  I was craving a good run...A good run would help me release so much stress.  And...the doctor said I needed to get rid of stress.  Maybe...Hmmm...Still, I knew, I'd better pass.

And so today...middle daughter and I decided to walk together.  Actually, half of the time, she ran--back and forth--up and down the road while she waited for me to catch up.  This is tough, I thought! I'm not used to being "the slow one!"  How humbling!

We walked two two-mile loops. was beautiful.  We talked more than we have all week.  We noticed the squirrels, some decorative landscaped "nests," the dog poop beside the road.   You know, the good things en route.  

We inhaled deeply as fabric softener exiting dryer vents filled the air with its sweet aroma.  We discussed what was going on at the library since the parking lot was fall.  I waited while Miss Curious looked in the window of a tiny abandoned house that--we think--the library uses for something.  

We walked all around the cemetery and read grave markers, wondering about their stories.  Who were these individuals and how did they live?  We noticed a headstone labeling the site of a deceased two-year-old.  Daughter asked, "How'd she die?"  We speculated...

We saw one recently-dug grave site.  He was 91, we noted. 

Later, on the way home, daughter wondered, "Do you think we could find a person buried there who was 100 when he/she died?" 

"Maybe," I replied, "on our next walk."

Sometimes it's good to just slow down...and smell the fabric softener and dog poop... you know... the good things in life...


  1. I'm glad you slowed down. I wonder: was the walk better for your soul than the run? Sometimes the things we think we need aren't the things we really need. (I hope that sentence makes sense!) Hoping you are feeling better this weekend. I also want you to know the way you crafted this made me feel a whole spectrum of emotions. You used few words and made me feel lots.

    1. The walk was definitely better for my soul...And yes, the sentence make complete sense. Hmmm...

      Inspired by your comment about emotional spectrum in writing!

  2. Walks are good and happy this one sounds just like what you needed. Loved the cemetery part of the walk. When I was in middle school I lived down the road from a cemetery and would ride my bike there. I would walk among the graves and create stories from the markers. Guess I'm a little on the strange side. : )