Friday, March 1, 2013

Kids swim
Flippers flip
Some spin
Some trip

All laugh
Some giggle
Little girls
Not so little

Riley--14 now
So we celebrate
When and how
Did you transformate

Into this beautiful young woman?


  1. Yippee! You wrote and shared!

    I did a double take when I saw your new digs. It is far from the bubble gum pink that covered this space earlier.

    I'm jealous that you can write poetry like this. i'm always struggling with poetry. My favorite line is: "Not so little."

    I hope Riley had a great birthday party.

    So so so glad you are writing this month.

    1. Thank you for inflicting guilt on me until I agreed to the challenge! ;) I am very excited--and still a little apprehensive-- to write and PUBLISH my work daily. It will be a good month!

      ...And thanks for offering the SOL challenge for students this month as well. My lone student is sooo excited to be a part of the writing challenge. She went to bed with IPad in hand--writing-- and woke up writing. This has helped fuel her writing passion once again--and created a little mother-daughter bonding!!

  2. Shelley-
    What a sweet slice. I'm the mom of 17 and 19 year old boys, and it seems impossible that they are almost men. Like Ruth, I'm jealous of the way you crafted this. Love the short lines and the alliteration- especially celebrate and transformate. Perfect!

    1. Thanks for the input! I hesitated on that made-up word "transformate," but Ralph Fletcher assures me it's ok to make up words in poetry here and there! ;)

      My students are reading TONS of Ralph Fletcher and love his writing. I am always so pleased. He writes about so many serious topics. I sometimes think students want only to be entertained, but that mindset is changing daily!

  3. I have to say as I logged who posted today to help track participation for giveaways, my heart gave a little leap when I transferred your name to the list. Could it be? My students are in the midst of research using their own devices because of Ruth's post about your classroom. I had this idea and your model brought it to the next level. I've been wanting to share that with you.

    As for today's slice, I love your playful creation of "transformate" to express your wonder at your daughter's coming of age.

    1. I'm so excited for your class! This has been a very exciting year for me, as Ruth has stretched me in many ways and has helped me teach students to dig deeper...Students are excited to learn...What a rewarding profession we have!

  4. So much pulled into this simple, beautiful form - almost like flipping through pages in a photo album. And the rhythm was yummy! I read it and read again and again. Love it!

    1. I love that word "yummy!" You always know just the right thing to say/write to build up a person...Thanks for your input, Becca!

  5. Thanks, friends, for the comments. I am surprised at how much the replies/comments mean to me...It's exciting to see that others are reading and complimenting my writing. Reminds me again of how important writing celebrations and student shares are. We all need that encouragement to keep going and that what we have to say is, truly, important!

  6. Love that last stanza..."transformate" - such a great word to describe the process!