Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I TRIED to write the following poem, but I'm so very tired...Any input/ideas for revising/improving/finishing???

So much to say
So much to do

When will this long day
Finally be through?

Too tired to think
Too tired to play

When will I get sleep
What do you say?

Early to bed
Early to rise

Makes a man
Healthy, wealthy, and wise.

That's what I've heard
That's surely the truth

Never to bed early
What on earth!   (worth?  other rhyming words)


  1. I'm jealous the way poetry is natural for you...I need LOTS of time to craft a poem. Or maybe I just need time to let go of the words and let them be free. Nevertheless, I understand a full day. I'm on my way to bed now! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

  2. I think the poem if great for a tired teacher. Two more days and you can sleep! Enjoy your days with family next week.