Friday, March 8, 2013


There once was a girl named Miley.
She claimed to be rather smiley.
She fought all day,
Frowned at play,
And showed some humor, though dryly.

There once was a girl named Brianna.
She slipped upon a banana.
She hurt her toe.
Yelled, "Oh no!"
Then began singing soprano.

There once was a girl named Kris.
She played basketball and got her wish.
She hurt her knee.
Yelled, "oh, me!"
And then her mom gave her a big kiss.


  1. I love these! It makes me want to try one. I don't think I have written one since I taught middle school English. Of course, March is the right time to do this...St. Patrick's Day! Hope to read many more. Thanks.

  2. Have you tried on with Shelley? Fun. I like your new background. Interesting.

  3. They are so fun and ridiculous! I need to try with my second grade groups. xo

  4. I'll bet this was as much fun to write as it is to read!

  5. fun! I love the rhythm of these!

  6. So sweet and snappy! Yes, you should definitely write one with your name. I especially liked the last line of your first one. Makes me think of several middle school students.

  7. Thanks! Maybe I'll have to do one with Shelley. I guess... :)