Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My VERY Daughter...

Sometimes I slow down enough to reflect on specific reasons I am so thankful for each of my children.  Tonight I'm reflecting on my middle daughter and the passion she shows in all that she does.

I remind her once-in-a-while that her name means "fiery and zealous," and sometimes that upsets her.  We've had to explain how those are good traits, especially when channeled in the right direction.

Students at her middle school are creating Academic Learning Fair projects.  Hers is due tomorrow.  She had a pretty cool trifold poster created last week, but for some reason--over the weekend--decided that her poster wasn't quite what she wanted, so she started over on the project.  In the midst of the two-poster creation, she also decided she should have a Power Point with text, sound, and image--since that's what several of the older/7th grade students are doing--so she began her Power Point. 

This week she has three away swim meets, along with school responsibilities.  Let's just say it's a crazy busy week at our house...Yet there was middle daughter at bedtime, upset and frustrated with herself that her Power Point with text, image, and sound is not complete.  I tried to explain that her teacher will understand.  After all, she has two perfectly good trifold posters completed, but no...That's not quite good enough!

I am thankful that the frustration is coming from an over-zealousness and not apathy or lack of effort--or a lack of ability.  I am thankful that she gives everything she has 100%.  I am thankful that she does everything (as described wisely and perfectly by a colleague of mine)...VERY. I am thankful that she is VERY fiery and zealous--and that she does everything she does VERY well--to the best of her ability!  Her name fits her well!


  1. Her name fits her well and so does her mom.

    I wonder where she gets that VERY!?!

  2. Reading your post made me really stop and think. Too often, especially during the difficult moments, I wish away some of my daughter's characteristics - too independent, stubborn, willful - but through your eyes I can see that instead it should be gratitude. Thankful to have a daughter who si this way - what a humbling way to think!

  3. I am loving this post. I have been reflecting on my daughters and the magical gifts they've brought into my life. They each have a story and it means so very much to me.

  4. Sometimes it is so difficult to value their differences...That is a work in progress...I am learning...