Monday, March 11, 2013

Ode to swimmers
who give it all they have
during those brief laps of competition--
and wait so much in-between.

Ode to swimmers
who sometimes have to compete
only with themselves;
being a lone swimmer out there
with all those lanes
would be intimidating!

Ode to swimmers
who survive--and even smile--
through humidity, chilly water,
and other challenging conditions.

Ode to swimmers
who know how to do
each stroke
but then sometimes
get the kicks confused.

Ode to swimmers
who risk embarrassment,
and even criticism--
yet continue to give it all they "got!"


  1. My few very very good friends were swimmers in high school. I was a golfer. I always admired the extreme dedication it took. I never thought about how much they're on display until your poem. Thanks!

  2. You notice the tiny details and it pays off in your poetry. Thanks for making me pause and think about all it takes to be a young swimmer.

  3. I'm not a swimmer myself, but I know that it takes incredible discipline...especially because, as you've noted, it can be a lonely sport.

  4. Love this ode to swimmers. I'm going to share it with my grandson who is beginning to swim on a team. A few months ago my daughter share how deathly quiet it was when he was swimming because he was the last one in...she was so worried he would give up and not be part of the team. He stuck with it. Those swimming meets are long!

  5. Thanks for all the comments, friends. And...wearing a bathing suit in front of all those people! Ugh! :)