Thursday, March 28, 2013


My girls and I went to our church's Maundy Thursday service tonight.  I haven't been to this type of service since college. Since it had been so long, and since I didn't even really think through the specifics of this type of service, I didn't think about it being a foot washing ceremony.  Dumb of me, right?

My girls handled it so beautifully.  They rolled with the punches and were so gracious and humble.  I'm so proud of them...

On another note, sometimes things in life happen...and you wonder why...and you question the details or whys--but you know down deep that God is in control and orchestrating everything all along...It's always humbling and awe-inspiring when you SEE some of the why's for the reason things didn't go as originally planned with our infinite minds.

For example, last fall, my husband was supposed to get a full knee replacement.  He ended up injuring the same leg two weeks before his surgery date.  He went through about 4 months of treatment to heal the injured leg.  Surgery dates were set two or three times, only to have them moved because the crazy wound just would NOT heal.

In the midst of all of this delay, I began listening to neighbors and friends and discovered that another doctor at the same orthopedic hospital he was using was really more the specialist for what my husband needs.  The other surgeon we had chosen is very skillful in his specialty, but he's really more a sports injury specialist, for younger patients.

To make a long story short, just yesterday we were able to change to the surgeon who better "fits" my husband's case. Gary was able to see the doctor TODAY, and the physician also thinks he can replace one knee fully and repair the other, healthier knee of its cartilage damage during the same operation.

Isn't God amazing?  Thanks, God, for always looking out for us!  I am humbled at how you act and care--and so often I'm unaware that you're even involved or moving.  You are awesome!


  1. God was moving while Gary was being "still" -- unable to get the surgery...forced to wait.

    Hmmm... ;)

    I'm wondering, because you capitalized SEE in your post, if you started Choosing to SEE . I think you might find the timing of the read impeccable.


  2. God does work in some amazing ways. I often claim divine intervention on my job because where else could some things come from? Just yesterday I told a student that I would like to work with him over the summer on his writing because he's not where he will need to be for next year. Today his mom told me she had been praying yesterday morning about that very thing, then her son came home and told her what I had said. A God thing? Absolutely.