Monday, March 4, 2013

That's Right...I Did It!!!


  I did it!  That's right!  I really did it!

     Last Thursday night, my 6th grade daughter got hurt in a game (twice even!), and I didn't cry, run to her aid, or even melt down. I've always wondered what I'd do in that situation. See...I tend to panic in emergencies...

     When my son got his tonsils out, I passed out and fell in my husband's lap as the doctor grew concerned with his unrelenting vomiting.

     When my dad was in ICU and I was awakened during the night and told he wasn't doing so well, I passed out and spent five long hours in the ER. I should have been there for my dad!

     When my husband had his first colonoscopy  a few years back, and the doctor told me he'd removed a pre-cancerous polyp, I had to keep reminding myself --DEEP BREATHS!  DEEP BREATHS!  DON'T PASS OUT!  DON'T PASS OUT!

     I'm proud to say I won that one!

     So...I guess I can safely say, if you're in a tight spot and you need someone to help you through your emergency, you're better off to call someone else...

     Not that I don't care!

    -- I will, however, bake you cookies afterward!


  1. Way to go! This was so fun to read. I love that you care enough to bake cookies to offer support should you pass out. Keep taking the deep breaths!

  2. Thanks for commenting! I enjoyed reading your blog tonight!

  3. There you go! It's hard to keep it together when the people you love are in distress....and baked goods generally make up for such brief absences....especially brownies!

  4. Do I have to have an emergency to get the cookies?

    Haha :)

  5. I like the way your list of memories gives us the background to truly celebrate this moment with you. Hope your daughter mends (or has mended) quickly from her injuries!

  6. Yeah for you. I love how you began with triumph and then told the back story. I felt like you were sharing the events with me over coffee.