Saturday, March 9, 2013

The following limerick is dedicated to Tam and Becca--  :)

There once was a girl named Shelley.
Some people thought she might be smelly.
Skunkle was her address.
It caused her duress,
so much that she'd rather not telly!


  1. Too cute. I love that you dedicated it to people too, even cuter.

  2. Ha!
    Here's mine about you. :)

    There once was a teacher named Shelley
    Her instruction is show-y not telly
    Students matter most
    Raise your glass for a toast
    For the teacher who is quite swell-y!

  3. Using duress in a limerick...impressive!

  4. Limericks are always so much fun -- great to write with students, because they're familiar and light-hearted, and enjoying what you've written shines through, as it does here. Fun stuff! :)

  5. GREAT LIMERICK, Ruth! :) I'm very impressed...and I'm smiling! :)
    Thank you all for taking the time to comment!!!

  6. I just saw this! So funny. Must have been a hard day for you. I owe you one!