Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That Stubborn Gary

Tonight I reflect on my husband...mainly because he made me homemade chocolate-dipped waffle cones tonight, and they were delic'!!!

One of the girls cracked a joke tonight...I was complimenting one daughter on her voluptuous hair and lips (YES, we sometimes have some very strange and adult'ish conversations in the midst of devotions; I'm sure God laughs a lot when he observes us! ;)  ).  Anyway, I told one daughter, you know, many woman pay good money to get painful shots in their lips to make their lips full/voluptuous.  God gave you yours.  The conversation then turned to what "voluptuous" means and why in the world women would PAY to get those kind of lips.

Another witty, very-quick-on-her feet daughter then says, "You know, Mom, you must have only landed Dad because you don't have voluptuous lips; he was the best you could do."  I gasped in horror and teasingly threatened her-- that I might tell her dad what she said and hurt his feelings. She giggled all the more.

I then got serious on them and disclosed a little of my dating details.  I explained that I'd been careful to date enough men to choose wisely-- based on character and kindness.  "How did you know, Mom? How did you know who to marry?" I then explained that, I feel, God gives you a certain peace when "he's" a keeper.  Not that you have ONE certain guy you need to find (that "dot" theology), but that--if you pray and use wisdom--you'll just have an inner peace and know he's the one.  I then explained how their dad was/is kind, humble, gentle, and compassionate--traits I value. I explained how one guy who was "almost" the one ended up being too proud and maybe even a little too bossy for me to have enough peace to commit.

I then reflected on how--years before I met Gary-- I'd had car trouble once in high school.  My dad had sent a buddy from work to fix my car so that I could make it home safely.  I prayed that day that God would give me a similar man; one who cared enough to respectfully help a young girl in need, not to expect anything in return, and to be faithful and kind.  Funny, I reflected, that Gary has an automotive technician's degree; although, he only worked on cars for a year and then decided he wanted something different in life.  

I often tell the kids their dad can fix ANYTHING!  I really believe that...

As I reflect, I'm thankful...Thankful for a man who is common-sense smart, who can fix anything, who is faithful, and who is stubborn.  Some days I definitely feel like wringing his neck :)  -- but his stubborn, determined traits that drive me absolutely crazy are probably also ones that have kept us together for 18 years. I am blessed!


  1. Does Gary get to read this?

    I love the way you worked humor alongside the more serious-side of things.

    I hope I get to meet Gary someday.

    Glad you are still writing, even in the midst of a too-busy week.

  2. I'm glad I am still writing, too. It's refreshing--even in the midst of a crazy-busy week! Thanks for reading and commenting! Do I DARE let Gary read the post? Our baby may be in trouble... :)

  3. Your family sounds delightful. And your philosophy of choosing a mate wise. Wonderful writing!

  4. Thanks, Deborah! And...THANK YOU for taking the time to comment!

  5. Let Gary read this! What a powerful conversation to have with your girls...what a gift to give to them.