Saturday, March 30, 2013

Goldfish AGAIN

Well, tonight we bought four goldfish.  I had sworn previously I would NEVER buy another animal, but there was Rhyss tonight...begging, begging, begging for a goldfish.  Since we spent the day at Grandma's helping prepare for Easter, and Rhyss was a really hardworking trooper, I acquiesced.

She insisted she knew RIGHT where the fishbowl was...That was one condition that had to be met before I finally agreed...She said it was in the cupboard in the upstairs bathroom...It was the fishbowl left from the beta we tried out last year.  She knew RIGHT where it was, remember.

Well, we got home about 10 minutes ago, and low and behold, no fishbowl can be found ANYWHERE in our home.. So now we are resorting to a large glass jar.

Hmmm....We shall see!

Why do we, as parents, find ourselves in these sticky situations?

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  1. Oh, yes, children's wishes get us there...hope however it works out everyone is happy.