Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Academic Learning Fair Today

What a long, long day with school, Academic Learning Fair, and not feeling very good at all.  Thank God we made it!

I am so pleased with the students and all of their hard work.  They were all so proud to show the world what they learned, their research process, and the preparation and thinking that went into their exhibits.  They sure shined!!!  Thank you, Ruth Ayres, for phenomenal coaching every step of the way to make this entire endeavor centered around INCC and a means of developing critical thinking in our students!


  1. I had a chance to talk with the neighbor's boy and he was so excited about his project. This will definitely spur him on in his culinary interests. Sounded like a great activity. Congratulations WMS.

  2. Shelley, thanks for your kind words.

    Tam, this was a common denominator throughout the entire school -- kids were proud of their work and excited about their projects.

    It was a fun evening celebrating learning.

  3. I thought it was a great success! Enjoyed looking at all of the projects. Hope you feel better...lot's of effort goes into these projects but what a learning experience all of you gave to the students that will have rippling effects.

  4. Yes, what a wonderful experience for all of the kiddos! They were sooo excited to show off what they had done!

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  6. 5-yr old Dakota was with me. The student's enthusiasm made it hard for Dakota to even go to sleep that night. He actually asked if we could just talk about the "projects" instead of reading a book - something he's never ever asked for. His words were, all those projects are making me think of things and then I keep thinking of more things and more things..." Your student's learning spurred a desire for Dakota to learn. And that's what it's all about!!! A+ Shelley Kunkle & Ruth Ayres!!!

    1. I am smiling, Becca! You always have JUST the right words! :)