Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Ballad: My Dear Children

My students are writing poetry.  I have two of my classes writing ballads and sonnets.  I decided I HAVE to try to write one of each or else I'm a lousy teacher! ;)

I've written a great deal of free verse poetry, Haikus, limericks, etc.--BUT NEVER a ballad or sonnet.  Oh, I'm sure during my high school and/or college days, I had to write them for an assignment, but never as an adult!  That's almost embarrassing to admit!

So...here goes!  I know that the rules can vary a bit, but this is what I'm trying for...

--Arranged in quatrains (4-line stanzas); every-other syllable is accented.  Syllables for each line follow:
--Rhyme scheme ABCB within each stanza (again, this can vary, but this is the rhyme scheme I've chosen for this attempt!).

             My Dear Children

I love these kids who are so fun!
They make my life complete.
From morn to night and night to morn
They argue and compete.

They scuffle and they whine a bit
They roughhouse and they kick.
Sometimes they spit down from a branch
Oh what a rotten trick.

But by the end of each long day
They are my favorite kids.
They have a way with this, my heart
No others would I wish.

 I wasn't sure if the last line makes complete sense.  I would like, "For no others would I wish," but I can't have the extra syllable...
---or "to trade them God forbids." :)      (I thought of this for my last line; it made Gary and me laugh; however, Gary says he likes the line I have within the stanza better...  What do you think?

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