Friday, June 21, 2013

Kisses in My Pocket

I told Reana 5 years ago I'd write a book called Kisses in My Pocket-- after her sweet habit of always filling my pockets with her kisses when we parted. After attending All Write!!! this week, I've been inspired to work on the project. Rather than wite a book, though, I composed a poem on the way home from Roz's Michigan baseball game tonight.  It's just a rough draft and needs lots of work... It's just a START!

There are kisses in my pocket

One saved for each day I've been away from you

Some--those monstrous kisses that come from special events
Others those sent in passing, when one thing leads into another
As things so often do...

One from the first day of kindergarten
One from the first overnight stay
One from the tough times we went through
One meant just to say Are you okay?

One from that first lost tooth
the last first for this family
One for the 

Others have come and gone

Too numerous to count
If I could gather them together
What an astronomical amount!

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