Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Where I'm From"

I am from the gravel pit,
From slimy frogs and muddy clothes.
I am from the tall trees,
beckoning to me, to come climb.
I am from the railroad tracks,
white, smooth sand left behind
in which we'd play.

I'm from Christmas cookies
and feasts during the holidays,
Warm, sweet/salty ham, dinner
rolls, and baked potatoes.

I'm from Mom playing the piano,
earning candy bars from
verses memorized at church, and
prayer before meals.
I'm from the father who prayed without ceasing,
from Ronda, Steve, Mark, Shelley, and Chris.

I'm from Ron and Jackie's branch,
weekends spent helping grandparents in Marion.
Traveling through the stone walls in Wabash en route.

I'm from the father
who lost his eye to the arrow,
his finger to the hatchet,
both compliments of the same brother.

I'm from family together times,
family loss times,
family triumphant times.

Mounds of memories
cherished in my heart.
Together, they make me who I am today.

Modeled after George Ella Lyon's "Where I'm From" poem...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Time Flies

This weekend, I celebrate 15 years of life with my oldest daughter--and 19 years of marriage.

I look at my beautiful, healthy, smart, athletic girl and wonder where the years have gone. It seems just yesterday that she was a baby, crying every time we rode in the car, and I didn't hold her hand. Some days, I wish we could go back to those close times.

19 years of marriage changes a person. I celebrate a husband who was present for the births of all four of our children, a husband who has been around for all of the ups and downs of raising kids, growing up, and growing older. I know he will always have my back. I celebrate his faithfulness!

I celebrate life--waking up each morning with air in my lungs and a body that works.

I celebrate one more day with this family I love.