Friday, February 21, 2014

Time Flies

This weekend, I celebrate 15 years of life with my oldest daughter--and 19 years of marriage.

I look at my beautiful, healthy, smart, athletic girl and wonder where the years have gone. It seems just yesterday that she was a baby, crying every time we rode in the car, and I didn't hold her hand. Some days, I wish we could go back to those close times.

19 years of marriage changes a person. I celebrate a husband who was present for the births of all four of our children, a husband who has been around for all of the ups and downs of raising kids, growing up, and growing older. I know he will always have my back. I celebrate his faithfulness!

I celebrate life--waking up each morning with air in my lungs and a body that works.

I celebrate one more day with this family I love.

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